How to file complaint in consumer court

International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC)

How to file complaint in Consumer Court


Information on consumer court. How to file complaint in consumer forum

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International Consumer Rights Protection Council is a registered NGO that helps and guides grieved consumers to handle their consumer complaint in the consumer court. We connect through the internet to every nook and corner of this world and provide services at your desktop. 


Please do not telephone us to know the procedure or to narrate your complaint, and please do not visit us without appointment.


First know the procedure for filing complaint with ICRPC by sending a request mail to You will receive a reply to your request email within 2 minutes. 


Good work by ICRPC have also been reported by the world's most reputed FORBES (USA) magazine in their issue dated July 4, 2005 volume 8, number 12, page 24 and 25. Mr. Arun Saxena visits National Judicial Academy, Bhopal to deliver lectures to High Court and District Court judges


We have devoted 20 years of fearless service to the grieved consumers and we operate on a strict budget to make our services economical and sometimes even free. 


We can help you to file your complaint in the consumer court in any city of India. Consumer courts are commonly known as District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.


No need to hire a lawyer, as you will be guided to handle your consumer case on your own. 

Address of Consumer Courts, Right to Information Act, Lok Adalat, Ombudsman, MRTPC and other channels of action against various defects are included in this website.


To file complaint against CELLPHONE service provider CLICK HERE



Genuine websites will always give their contact address and owner's details


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To file complaint against CELLPHONE service provider CLICK HERE


RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS IS THE BIGGEST CHEATER. The habitual offender deducts amounts from the balance of the consumers every month to activate and charge for the deactivated value added services like Whats App, data service, sms service, etc. So be careful. Most of the amounts are deducted in late night hours so that you remain unaware.

To take this company to task, complain to the Department of Telecommunication on the website 



  Use the search window on left to search for information in this website. You can type your full statement like "consumer court Thane address". This is the best way to find information as this website is very extensive.

To complain against RAILWAY service CLICK HERE 

(Select Ministry of Railways from dropdown list)

While traveling in train send complaint by sms to 08121281212

ALERT: Railway Catering through pantry car cheats consumers by charging more. CLICK HERE for actual rates of food items.


Mr. Arun Saxena at Consumers International Office, London (UK)



Mr. Arun Saxena with Mr. Luke Upchurch, Head of Communications and External Affairs, Consumers International, London (UK)

Mr. Arun Saxena as Chief Guest in a national seminar on Consumerism at Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur (MP)


Mr. Arun Saxena lighting a lamp during inauguration of national seminar on consumer protection at Jiwaji University, Gwalior (MP)


Mr. Arun Saxena with Malishka during Red FM radio program on consumer awareness

Film star Tisca Chopra with Mr. Arun Saxena during recording of TV serial

Mr. Arun Saxena giving speech at Jiwaji University, Gwalior

Mrs. Anuradha Samant welcoming Mr. Arun Saxena during inauguration of Khopat branch of Saraswat Bank

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How to prepare notice

How to serve notice to the Opposite Party


Act, Rules and Regulations

Consumer Protection Regulations 2005

Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act 2002

Right to Information Act 2002

Consumer complaint

Procedure for filing consumer complaint

How to prepare consumer complaint

Format of consumer complaint

Where to file consumer complaint

Time limit of filing consumer complaint

Time limit for filing an appeal in the higher court

How much is the court fee



Fearless Recourse

Recourse against misleading advertisement

Recourse against internet service provider

Recourse against cellphone service provider

Recourse against banking institution

Recourse against non banking financial company

Recourse against recovery agents / telesales

Recourse against builder

Recourse against adulterated food

Recourse against adulterated medicine

Recourse against railways

Recourse against postal services

Recourse against co-operative housing society

Recourse against selling higher than MRP

Recourse against selling lesser weight

Recourse against media / publication

Recourse against school / college / institute

Recourse against harassment by corrupt public servant




Channels for action

State Consumer courts in India

District Consumer courts in India

District Consumer court in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, N. Delhi

District Consumer court in Kerala

Lok Adalat

Lok Ayukta

Human Rights Commission

Controller of Legal Metrology

Banking Ombudsman

Insurance Ombudsman

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

Central Pollution Control Board

Food and Drugs Administration

Company Law Board

Bureau of Indian Standard

Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices

Department of Provident Fund and Pension

Mumbai Police (online complaint)

Central Vigilance Commission

Inform the press/media about defaulting companies



We have received many complaints from consumers that they are being harassed in the consumer courts when they go there to submit consumer complaint or attend hearings. They are not being served properly by the clerks, and the judges keep on giving hearing dates without arriving to judgment. These acts are contrary to the purpose of setting up the consumer courts that were basically meant to help the consumers. Please inform us if you have experienced or witnessed harassment or corruption in the court. Inform us the exact time, date, and location of the incident in writing through duly signed letter. Try to get the name of harassing staff. Your details will not be disclosed on this website, but you should be ready to co-operate when action against these people is initiated by nabbing them through proper channel. You can also file your complaint such corrupt staff directly to the Department of Consumer Affairs on the website informing the name of the judge, registrar or staff who harassed you or asked for bribe.


Are you the one among those who have been cheated at the market place and want to fight back to save your country from the corrupt people. Then join us now to get our support. Our team of more than 15,000 members (and growing) is waiting to welcome you and strengthen your hands.

International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) 

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Genuine websites will always give their contact address and owner's details






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