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You can file your complaint against builder or real estate agent here. But before doing that you should first try to settle the grievance on your own by writing to the builder. You should have a record that you tried to settle your complaint with the builder but failed. This way you have a solid case against the builder.

You can fight your own case in the consumer court. You can easily and effectively attend the hearings in the consumer court through our guidance and help. No need to go through any lawyer and spend on lawyer's high fee.

All our services come to you at the comfort of your home. No need to run around for help. Court fee is not required for claims below Rs 5 Lakh in the Consumer Court. Time limit to file your complaint in the Consumer Court is 2 years from date of cause of action. The new Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is very consumer friendly. The new Consumer Act and consumer court fee has come into force from 20 July 2020.


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CLICK HERE to file complaint against builder

CLICK HERE to see video about how to complain against builder in the consumer court


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Have you been cheated in the market place and want to fight back to save our country from these corrupt people. Then join us now to get our support. Our team is waiting to welcome you to strengthen your hands.

Fight against corruption in consumer court. Do not give any tips to the court clerks, registrar or any other authority. They are your servants and they should know how to serve you properly.

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