This is to alert you about the fraud and cheating activities of the Country Club of India Limited and Country Vacations  


Mode of operation:

They call you to a venue saying you have won a prize (without even participating in the draw), or ask you to fill a small form when you are in a shopping mall and then call you saying you have won a holiday/prize. When you go to collect the prize, you are forced to attend a presentation and buy their timeshare holiday by offering you such lucrative free gifts like free piece of land, LCD TV, payment under EMIs, etc, etc. that you will be tempted to spend through your credit card without thinking. But later you will get nothing and these cheaters will eat up your money. They will also swipe away all your money from your credit card.

Their main offices:

The Country Club
273, 1st Main, Defence Colony
HAL, 2nd Stage
Bangalore 560038



The Country Vacations

(Division of the Country Club of India Ltd)

# 3-6-12/13, 4th floor. Al Samad

Liberty X Road, Himayat Nagar

Hyderabad 500029


Country Vacations

(Division of The Country Club)

Udyog Bhavan, Gala No. 245 / 246, 2nd floor

Sonawala Road, Goregaon (E)

Mumbai 400063

Following consumers were cheated recently by Country Club:

Mr. Gopi N (Cell9972532262

Mr. Dixon Abraham (

Mr. Amit Singh of Bangalore (Cell: 9342907990)

Ms Mukti (mukti

Mr. Pankaj Gupta (Cell: 8179169532)

Mr. Gopinath T of Chennai (Cell: 9176773000)

Mr. Jaiprabhakar Laisram of Bangalore (Cell: 9611634588)

Mr. Ramalinga Sastry of Bangalore (Cell: 8105544644)

Mr. Randhir Mishra of Andheri (Cell: 9820591587)

Mr. Sandeep Kharabe of Pune (Cell: 9820909053

Mr. Tarun Muduganti of Hyderabad (Cell: 9885833611)

Mr. Umakant  Pathak of Hyderabad (Cell: 9160995139

Mr. Rajesh Choukse, Bangalore (Cell: 9663321846)

Mr. Spandana Tangudu (

Ms. Sonali Sahoo (

Ms. Shrikant Sharma (

Mr. Sandeep Fatangare (Cell: 9008025188)

Mr. Abhijit Bose Kolkata 9874488803

Mr. Kaushlendra Singh (Cell: 9899098459)

Mr. Vishnu Jaiswal, Pune (Cell: 9604203293)

Mr. Jayant Pimpale (

Mr. Atul Thakur (Cell: 9871552713)

Mr. Shashank Pratapwar, Pune (Cell: 9011067173)

Ms Prajakta Zantye (

Mr. Sanjaya Maktedar (

Ms. Kavita Ingale (Cell: 8652221148)

Ms. Neha Damania (Cell: 9545450276)

Ms Arma Mehrotra (Cell: 9312640345)

Ms. Beena

Mr. Ajit Mohapatra (

Ms. Rekha Jadhav (

Mr. Vijay kumar jaiswal (Cell: 9953737575)

Mr Sudheer (Cell: 9845277220)

Mr Udai N. Sharma, Bangalore (Cell: 90198 50088)

Mr. Krishnakanth of Bangalore (

Mr. Amit Bhageria of Mumbai (Cell: 9167025773)

Mr. Anuj Malik of Gurgaon (Cell: 9811525192)

Mr. Dushyantkumar Patel of Ahmedabad (Cell: 9428611269)

Mr. Dharmesh Patel of Vadodara (Cell: 9821791053

Mr. Hariharan Subramanian of UP (Cell: 9717070576)

Mr. Imthiyaz Shaik of Nellore (Cell: 9908306122)

Mr. Kaushlesh Rai of Pune (Cell: 8087097772)    

Mr. Panuganti Raghavendra of Hyderabad (Cell: 9849412541)

Mr. Prashant Kumbharkar of Pune (Cell: 9822933696)

Mr. Suresh Kandakatia of Hyderabad (Cell: 9866649093)

Mr. Tajpeer Hassansab of Bangalore (Cell: 9164518159)

Mr. Raju Handa, Mangalore (Cell: 9845834815)

Mr. Abnue Jalali, Pune (Cell: 9371068669)

Mr. Ajay Talegaonkar of New Delhi (Cell: 9910428144)
Mrs. Rina Biswas of W. Bengal (Cell: 9339530423)

Mr. Gurpal Gill of Delhi (Cell: 7838171525)

Mr. Saroj kumar Patra of Hyderabad (Cell: 9908637081)

Mr. Sandesh N Gondkar of Pune (Cell: 9890912867)

Mr. Prakash Deshpande of Pune (Cell: 9623923623)

Mr. Pankaj S Satam of Mumbai (Cell: 9819930550)

Mr. Dinesh Babu of Dehradun (Tel. No. 9760755024)

Mrs. Bhanu Sinha of Bangalore (Cell: 8762802262)

Mr. Bhushan Bhat, Canada
Mr. VinodJjalali, New Delhi. (Cell: 9810345577)

Ms. Anitha Hanumansetti of Secunderabad (Cell: 9618011843)

Mr. Arun Narahari of Bangalore (Cell: 9945294684)

Mr. Manan U Shah of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9322657449)

Mr. Mohsin Baldiwala of Pune (Cell: 9970369830)

Mr. Nileshkumar Makwana of Ahmedabad (Cell: 9277953981)

Mr. Premnath Iyer of Thane  (Cell: 9820974080)

Mr. Rajeev Kumar of Pune (Cell: 7588682890)

Mr. Viswa Chaitanya Bellamkonda of Chennai (Cell: 9940167068)

Mr. Anand Patil of Pune (Cell: 9850095828)

Mr. Tejas Thakor of Pune, currently in Ontario (Cell: 001- 6476841731)

Mr. Bharat Rao of Thane (Cell: 919820810906)

Mr. Dinesh Singla of Jaipur (Cell: 9783300235)

Mr. Hitesh K Vasoya of Hyderabad (Cell: 9550264764)

Mr. Karnail Singh Majithia of New Delhi (Cell: 9811146884)

Mr. Khamuruddin Shaik of Secunderabad (Cell: 9246308461)

Mr. Madhukar Harilal Joshi of Ahmedabad (Cell: 9898766645)

Mr. Mahesh Khopkar of Navi Mumbai (Cell: 9833012302)

Mr. Sundarrajan Mathialagan of Bangalore (Cell: 9886310180)

Mrs. Manju B Agrawal and Mr. Banwari Lal Agrawal of Ahmedabad (Cell: 9428088262)

Mr. Prabhat Singh of Bangalore (Cell: 8892429856)

Mr. Pritish Mishra of Bilaspur (Cell: 9784570829)

Mr. PVKS Ramanjaneya Kumar of Bangalore (Cell: 9986146494)

Mr. Sameer Katre of Mumbai (Cell: 9820759577)

Mr. Prafulla Ule of Mumbai (Cell: 9987083861)

Mr. Sridhar B V of Bangalore (Cell: 9880710608)

Mr. Kamal Grover of Pune (Cell: 9970160268)

Mr. Vijayganapathi Rajagopalan of Mumbai (Cell: 9930361651)

Mr. Vivek Kumar of Shamshabad (Cell: 9396661739)

Mr. Kushal S. Jirafe of Pune (Cell:-9960635282)

Mr. Anurag Deepak of Haridwar (Cell: 9891820908)

Mr. Nagender Poddar E- mail:

Mr. Rajesh of Mumbai E-mail:>

Mr. S S Agarwal of Mumbai (Tel No. 2351 5550 / 2352 5551)

Mr. Suneet Tyagi (got his money back through consumer case)

Mr. Biranchinath Sahu e-mail

Mr. Ashok Shukla of Delhi (Cell: 9810145598)

Mr. Haresh Patwal of Delhi (Cell: 09711010755)

Mr. Subhash Ahuja of Delhi (Cell: 9810021249)

Mr. Ambuj Kaushik(Cell: 9820206862)

Mr. Ramakrishnan G of Ernakulam(Cell: 9746090601)

Mr. Sandeep Mandal of Bangalore (Tel: 9945535611)

Mr. Himanshu Pant of New Delhi (Tel: 9818563463)

Mr. Manish Dewan of New Delhi (Tel: 9810675195)

Mr. Rajesh Kumar of Mumbai (Tel: 022-26367515)

Mr. Sandeep D Deore of Pune (Tel: 9004308206)

Mrs. Pamela Vishwanath of Mumbai (Tel: 26363110)

Mr. Vinodkumar R Agrawal of Pune (Cell: 9860005901)

Mr. Tajammul Pasha of Bangalore (Cell: 9986924247)

Mrs. Shweta Vikas of Gaziabad (Cell: 9212423437)

Mr. Shailesh Joshi of Mumbai (Cell: 9820340016)

Mr. Samarendra Kishore Maitra of Secundrabad (Cell: 9246262119/ 040-65572119)

Mr. Krishna Chokhani of Mumbai (Cell: 9892346599)

Ms. Kavita R Girkar of Thane (Cell: 9987066320)

Mr. Jitesh Sharma of Faridabad (Tel: 9810517025)

Mr. Tome A Fernandes of Goa (Tel: 0832-2293109)

Mr. Ramakrishna Ayinapudi of Bangalore (Cell: 080- 25251129)

Mr. Furokh Santoke of Mumbai (Cell: 9820216205)

Mr. Mandeep Singh of New Delhi (Cell: 9899294601)

Mr. Kedar Sapore of Pune (Cell: 9881101645)

Mr. Kush Gupta of Mumbai (Cell: 9967050655)

Mr. Ritish Kumar of New Delhi (Cell: 9810604099)

Mr. Shailesh Joshi of Mumbai (Cell: 9820340016)

Mr. Tajammul Pasha of Bangalore (Cell: 9986924247)

Mr. Ramesh Chander of Bangalore 9880089210

Mr. Ravi Thakur of Pune 09420697536

Mr. Sameer Kolhe 9819463431

Mr. Biranchinath Sahu

Mr. Brijendra Bharti of Gurgaon

Mr. Srikanth.S  of bangalore

Mr. Abhay Mishra (Cell: 9867462041)

Mr. Tarun Kumar of Mumbai (Cell: 9324363851)

Mr. Tulasi Vamshikrishna of Gurgaon (Cell: 09910076941)
Mrs. Pratah Jain (Cell: 9910837663)

Mr. Amit Vyas (Cell: 9448287375)

Mr. Sameer Kolhe (Cell: +91 9819463431)

Mr. Sumeet Goel (Cell: 9818219380)

Mr. Daljeet Singh Ghai (Cell: 9818653600)

Mr. Ravi Thakur, Pune (Cell: 09420697536)

Mr. Malikahmed Tamboli of Pune (Tel. No. 9850441386)

Mr. Donald D Souza of Mumbai 9819269807

Mr. Rajesh P (Cell: 9840059199)

Mr. ShivaKumar.B (Cell: 9972583627)

Mrs. Sreedhara Chakravarthy R (Cell: 9741765000)
Vamshi Cell: 9910076941)

Mr. Chinmaya Mishra (Cell: 09836060311)

Mr. Venugopal (Cell: 9849154320)

Mr. Surjit (Cell: 09986744019)

Mr. Sai Natesan (Cell: 9900546468)

Mr. Rajshekhar Kallatti (Cell: 9900156441)

Mr. Sai Natesan (Cell: 9900546468)

Mr. Donald of Bangalore (Cell: 9819269807)

Mr. Venkat of Bangalore (Cell: 09833555383)

Mr. Ramesh Chander of Bangalore (Cell: 9880089210)

Mr. Subroto Ghosh of Bangalore (Tel: 080-25236202)
Mr. B. V. Mohan of Bangalore (Cell: 9341979860)
Mr. Harsh Vardhan of Bangalore (Tel. No. 080-41345134 / 9343864711)
Mr. Pranav Kumar Singh of Bangalore (Cell: 9880852275)
Mr. B. Venkatesh of Bangalore (Tel. No. 080-23326721)
Mr. Vivek Butyani of Bangalore (Tel. No. 9880630663)
Mr. Arun of Bangalore (Tel.: 9840709668)
Mr. Vivek of Bangalore (Tel.: 9840822703)
Mr. Ravi of Bangalore (Tel.: 9840964636)
Mr. Somanath Hawargi (Cell.: 98451 23505)
Mr. Rajendra Singh (Cell.: 9969221637 / 9820118368)
Mr. Rami of Hyderabad (Cell.:9866896635)
Mr. Jerry Mathew Elias Kovoor of Bangalore (Cell: 9845177673)
Mr. Mohan Krishna Eday of Bangalore (Cell: 9916585593)
Mr. Raj Shankar Guha (Cell: 9885011750)
Mr. Nazeer Ahmed (Cell: 9945333901)
Mr. Vijayanand Reddy (Cell: 9959569998)
Mr. Balaji (cell: 9884656708 / 9940088222)
Mr. Rakesh Pandey
Mr. Vinay Orpe (Cell: 9886180325)
Mr. Rajeev Bhaskar
Mr. Rajarshi (Cell: 9885011750)
Mr. Yash Kulshreshtha of UK (+44 786166788)
Mr. T P Ranjith (Cell: 9845448406)
Mr. T. K. Suresh (Cell: 9969221637)

Mr. Vimal Vidyadharan (Cell: 9741769696)
Mr. Chennarao Marvatu (
Mr. Prasad I. R.
Mr. Ramu K. C.

Mr. Srikanth.S

Mr. Brijendra Bhart Gurgaon

Mr. V.Sridhar

Mr. Amit Parti

Mr. Dhruv Parekh




What to do if you were also cheated by Country Club?

1) File your experiences at and and 

2) Spread the message through whats app, consumer groups and blogs. Use the power of internet.


3) Ask your bank manager to block the credit card merchant facilities of this company.


4) File a case in the consumer court


5) File a police complaint ask the police station if they have received similar complaints from others. Meet others and form a group to take action against the company.


6) Please circulate this list far and wide to make people aware as police and government is silent about this issue as they have taken lot of bribe from this cheater. Police Commissioner, Bangalore does not do anyting, and the Chairman of the Times of India supports this fraud and even hosts this company's events. See these links as evidence:



Issued in the public interest to protect the consumers from falling prey to the fraudulent activities of the Country Club of India Limited and the Country Vacations and other timeshare frauds.  


Jai Hind !