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Few interesting consumer grievances out of many solved by ICRPC

Telephone numbers of consumers are given to prove that the listings are all genuine and not fabricated. Some of the telephone numbers may have changed. The list is just an example, we cannot list all the many thousands of issues that were settled through ICRPC..


Page 5 of success stories (contains 8 cases solved in 2018)



Dhandeep Enterprises refunds money

1) Mrs Usha Pillai from Thane (Cell: 8169969016) bought IFB machine that developed defect. Dhandeep Enterprises posed as authorised service centre and cheated the consumer by changing the motor for Rs 5,265 and then intending to change the water pump for Rs 6,000. Later when the real authorized engineer visited, he informed the consumer that the defect has nothing to do with pump or motor. ICRPC helped the consumer to get refund and compensation of Rs 17,140 on 2-12-2017. 


ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co Ltd settles claims

2) Mr Rakesh Joshi from Ambala  (Tel. No. 8955097464) complained that the insurance company accepted the premium to cover him against hospitalization but rejected his claims of rs 82,301 vide email dated 27-10-2017. ICRPC sent a notice dated 3-12-2017 and the insurance company settled the claim as confirmed by the consumer vide his email dated 15-12-2017.


Direct Admission, Bangalore refunds full amount

3) Mr Vivek Jaiswar from Mumbai (Tel. No. 7738808711) complained that Direct Admission located at Gandhinagar, Bangalore had collected Rs 25,000 under lure of getting him admitted to medical college and called him to Bangalore and tried to extract Rs 60 Lakhs under guise of getting him admitted to Oxford Medical College. The consumer was denied refund when he asked for the same. ICRPC wrote sternly to the Managing Director of Direct Admission and the full amount was refunded by them as confirmed by Direct Admission vide their email dated 12-1-2018. The consumer did not even bother to inform us that he has received the amount.


National Insurance Company pays claimed amount

4) Ashwani Prasad Chowdhry (Cell no 9804979622) complained that he has not received medical claims for his wife surgery. On mediation, National Insurance Company reimbursed the amount of Rs 37,345 as confirmed by them vide their email dated 17-1-2018.


United India Insurance Company refunds excess amount received

5) Mr Rajender Kumar (Cell 9000000620) complained that he had paid premium amount two times for the same policy to United India Insurance Company. On requesting the cmpany, the company immediately refunded the amount as conformed by the company vide their email dated 19-2-2018.


Dish TV learns to behave well with clients

6) Mr Pravin Tiwari (Cell no 7977775390) complained against the rude staff of Dish TV and that his problem was not being solved. On requesting the higher authorities the problem was solved as confirmed by the consumer vide his email dated 3-3-2018.


Narayana Group of Schools

7) Mr N T Sriraja from Chennai (Tel. No. 9962070097) had paid Rs 51,000 for admission to Narayana Group of Schools, Chennai. He complained that the principal Ms Gayathri of Narayana Group of Schools had been very rude and unconcerned when he approached for refund of the amount as his child did not chose to study in this school. ICRPC wrote to the Managing Director of the school and the full amount was refunded to the consumer on 20-4-2018.


Sparkle Avenue CHS settles the issue

8) Mr Rahul P K Sharma from  Pune (Cell: 9049690564) had complained against Chairman, Sparkle Avenue CHS Ltd, Pune that society records are  not being updated including books of maintenance records, not doing private audit, forced registration of committee members, and threatening the members of the society. The society also failed to provide the required documents to the complainant when he asked for the same. They failed to maintain the cctv camera for the flat nos A18 and B3 and the complainant had to spend money from his pocket to install new cctv cameras. ICRPC helped the consumer to get his grievance settled as acknowledged by the complainant vide his email dated 27-4-2018.



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